Social NRG Presents… is an ongoing collaboration project between myself and the team at Social NRG.

Social NRG Presents’ old website was non-modular, a hassle to upgrade, and was in dire need of some modernization efforts. I was tasked with take the existing website layout, content, and imagery and making it more manageable, modular, and flexible for future endeavors. I got to work scraping the website of it’s media, content, and important CSS styles. The header images that were previously shown on the site were incredibly pixelated at high resolutions, so with permission, I opted to narrow down the page header images to make them more consistent.

After faithfully re-creating a few of the main pages, I got to work on the largest component of this job, the episode pages. With help from our theme’s built in templating engine, I was able to create a custom episode page that accepted dynamic content from the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin and generated the requested page layout without having to touch a single line of HTML, leaving room for content still yet to come. I repeated this process for the individual show templates as well.

As a matter of fact, many sections of the modernized website are now dynamic. This will allow for content curators and editors to manage shows, episodes and other areas of the site much for effectively.

I’m definitely looking forward to continuing my work with Social NRG Presents and it’s parent company!

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