We reached out to Shades of Green on Facebook after coming across a post of theirs on a local small business page. Upon seeing that the quaint, eco-friendly store was using a Gmail email for contact information and a subdomain of the popular e-commerce platform Lightspeed (formerly ShopKeep), we knew that we needed to help this company out.

Corrie Smith, the owner of Shades of Green Eco Essentials & Refillery responded quickly to our message, despite it being right in the middle of the busy holiday season. She was thrilled to have us help her small business out and we were more than happy to provide the web and IT solutions required to help her business take it’s next steps to becoming more professional.

Corrie asked that we postpone any decisions until after the holidays, to which we happily obliged. After all, she was being swamped with orders and that’s the best kind of problem to have.

At the end of the first week in January, we reached back out and Corrie was more than eager to take the first steps. A quick dot of the i’s and a cross of the t’s, along with a quick signature and we were off to the proverbial races.

First things first, we can’t do much of anything until we got that atrocious subdomain issue taken care of. Our friends over at NameCheap and CloudFlare make it super easy to purchase domain names and get our DNS settings in order. Next, we got Corrie and Shades of Green setup with a Microsoft Office 365 Basic License. With that in place, we now had the ability to create Corrie’s personal email and a couple of shared mailboxes to help keep things organized.

That certainly wasn’t the end of things, however, as we ran into a couple of snags with Facebook’s Business Manager not wanting to cooperate and verify the new domain name properly. After a bit of trial and error digging into the dark depths of the Facebook Business Manager and ShopKeep’s backend settings, we were finally able to get both the Facebook shop and the Instagram integration back up and running.